3 Days to Clarity.

Imagine that all future decisions in your life are based on your vision. You will even master very difficult decisions Don't try - do. I help you to find your Vision in Life.

Note: We do not act on Social Media at all - by choice. 



You learn how to switch realities. This technique is based on old shamanic wisdom and has been transferred over many generations.



I will not tell you what to see. You will go on your very own journey. You will experience truth based on conscious thoughts.



The moment you find your vision in life is unbelievable and true magic. Read the feedbacks from participants - or talk to them.

There are far too many concepts. This is your journey.


There is consciousness and no-consciousness. It's that simple. Everything else is again a concept. I let you discover - no concept needed. Just a journey:



I worked with >100 individuals on their vision quests and it is every time very touching when people find their vision in life!
— Andreas M. Dittrich

I run 2 public programs and some programs on client sites.

This VISION-FINDER journey is designed based on my >10 year research in different spiritual traditions and my experience to facilitate workshops. 

I love shortcuts. Everything in the world is getting faster - and our consciousness is developing as well. So here is your alternative to the usual 10 days Vision Quest in nature.

Most people that I work with cannot afford to be away from their job for 2 weeks but STILL want to find out what their vision in life is.

My work is dedicated to these humans around the globe.I worked for the past 5 years on several aspects of the VISION FINDER JOURNEY.


You can’t be committed to your bulls**t and your growth. It’s one or the other
— Scott Stabile